I <3 Cardio

Spending more time thinking about my cardio workouts and trying to get it in where I can has helped me feel refreshed this week. I really enjoyed the simple act of walking on the bike trail and enjoying some nice weather and quiet time. It gives me time to clear my head and think about the things that are most important to me. Walking/running outside does not really make you want to stare at a clock waiting for your time to me over. When walking outside you have a destination and you can release some of that everyday stress. I am not sure if other people feel the same way I do about this but it’s great.

It’s all about trying to change things up. Doing cardio does not mean that I have to suffer on the treadmill for an entire exercise session. I am not sure when my hate for cardio creeped into my thoughts. I use to walk everywhere, rollerskate, dance, bowl, bike, basketball and jump rope…doubledutch…..I miss those days. I had fun and was very healthy.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to workout….love lifiting weights. This week I got some of my love for cardio back and I know that with some time I will get more back. I know that to get the body I want to have right now cardio needs to play a major role in my life right now. I’m ok with that. I need to find a new playlist for my iPod. The music is kinda boring.

Some fresh music and new ideas are a great way to spice up my cardio workouts. I just wish the sun would come out so I could enjoy the workouts outside. I guess I can look at the bright side. With all this rain I can stay in and clean house…that’s a good workout right?


reaching for the stars

Life is wonderful right now. I have some major goals this year and I am really looking forward to the next few years. I have a photo shoot in August this year. Next year I want to compete in my first figure competition and after that I would like to compete in a fitness competition. I have some pretty heavy goals and on top of all the I am going for more certifications through ISSA.

I feel like I have some many things that I can accomplish and I feel so positive about the future. I feel like I am back in the zone. All the hospital trip last year and the first part of this year really messed me up but everything is good right now. I just wanted to share the cool news with you! 🙂

I don’t need this….

By now you have probably heard about the new KFC Double Down Sandwich and how great this is. I did a little research yesterday on this new item from KFC after a small argument with me a friend happened on facebook about the nutritional information.

I don’t know if it’s just me but this looks nasty. It does not make me want to run out to try it at all. I am sure that I am not alone in this thought process. I took it upon myself to search this information online. If you go to the KFC website there is no mention of the new sandwich but if you go http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2010/04/kfcs-new-double-down-no-bread-lots-of-fat.html you can see the nutrition information. I was not to surprised but there may be others out there who are.

I try to stay away from all the fast food places. I have done a pretty good job with it so far. My down fall is when Hardee’s has the jalapeno burger 🙂

What do you think of the newest “brilliant” idea from KFC?

Scale Obsessed

Since I was a baby I have been obsessed with the scale….well, not really but the picture is cute hu?

I have been a little concerned because I have been a bit scale obsessed lately. When I hopped on this morning their was a 7lb difference in a 15 second time frame. I give up with the whole scale thing. I was starting to use it as a crutch. I got a new scale at fitbloggin and put it in the kitchen. Every time I would go into the kitchen I would weigh…not a good thing.

I will just stick with looking in the mirror, checking how my clothes fit and taking my measurements. What do you do to check your progress?

A Good Student

Over the last year I have made a lot of positive changes in my life. No more drinking, no yelling, no fighting, no more eating out for breakfast and lunch everyday, no more non-used gym memberships.

I workout 6 days a week. I cook my food now (never use to do that). I am finding ways around all the excuses I use to make for not being about to workout or eat right. When I started on this journey I thought I would have to go all in and know everything and be “perfect” but that is not the case. There is no need for perfection…not in my world…it will drive me crazy and I will never get anything done.

My approach may be different from yours. I use to think that I had to pick the perfect brand of yogurt or the perfect spinach, chicken, veggies or whatever. All I really needed to do was take small steps. When I first started I was still drinking alcohol not eating breakfast and not working out. I started out with what to me what major changes. I started to go to the gym everyday, I would make sure to have breakfast and would eat 5-7 times a day (I have long days). I would also read everything I could get a hold of.

I’m still learning…that will never change. I find ways to improve my eating or workouts all the time…I just start to add that onto what I already know and it’s working for me.

I use to sit in weight watchers meetings and it felt like it was a huge clique and I just did not fit in. There was a group of girls who had lost about 100lbs and had another 100 to go and were losing 5-6lbs a week…every week. When they would lose 2.5lbs they were upset. I have always lost a healthy amount of 1-2lbs…sometime .5 but a loss is a loss and I don’t stress over the scale like I use to. Things have changed. I have different goals now and the scale weight is still a goal but it does not rule me anymore. 

I do everything I can every week. If it’s not enough I move on into the next week. Take my lessons…learn from them and keep moving on.

Class Dismissed…..

sick and tired!

The title pretty much sums up the last few days. I guess I could just let the title speak to you but I will go into a little more detail. Lets start with work. Last week was pretty good. I decided to not let work stress me out. I go into work and I do the best job I can and up until last year it was good…better than good but now I am told over and over again that I am a bad employee and that I do not meet standards. I feel confidant that I do a good job…my customers think I do a good job and I do not give away money or services so I think I do a good job. It’s so stressful trying to reach standards that change to be whatever way they want to see it at that time. There is no need to argue my case because I get the “don’t challenge” me look. I have gone above to a higher person but in reality nothing has changed.

I am working with a few people now to put my personal training certification to use but that is a little spending money. I really can’t make any changes at this time.

I decided to take part of the day off yesterday and I started to feel a little under the weather and today I feel even worse. I guess it’s the pollen. I hope that’s all it is. I want soup but I really do not need that salt 😦

What do you eat when you feel under the weather? Does your meal planning change any?

can’t think of a title

I had a good talk with my trainer today and I feel really good this week. Things have calmed down a little bit and everything is good. I have been working and over thinking everything. It feels good to not have stress and worry today. I do have a lot to be thankful for and have a lot more in  the future. This is just the start of great things.

It’s been a productive day and I got a lot done today. I have some things to work on tonight but I can work on that and watch tv with hubby so its all good. I just wish my chihuahua would stop barking though…lol.

Enjoy your families this weekend. I will be working…but, someone has to do it right?