Ok, so I went to the weight watchers meeting today so I got to learn about the new momentum plan. I posted picture below if the goodies I purchased.

This is my understanding of the plan…There is no longer flex and core…there is just momentum. Basically they want you to eat eat better foods but count points so that you do not over eat. So if you did flex before nothing has really changed they just want you to make better choices like the core plan. You still get your 35 points a week allowance and you get to store your workout points for later in the week.

I still have a lot of reading to do about it…there was really only time to introduce the plan today and in the next couple weeks we will get more info on it. I got the momentum cookbook and I also bought the starter kit…the one I got was about $40 and the bag it comes in can be used as a small cooler…and the works because it would be perfect for a “short shopping trip” because even if you think you will only be out for a short time the trip may turn out to be longer…you just never know what may happen. It’s not big enough for me to use to take to work though.

In the started kit you get a coupon book like in the old kit. “Start Getting Healthy” DVD, Dining Out Companion, 3 month journal, Quick Fixes book with 50 recipes, Complete Food Companion, Basic Training book…it has ideas on how to cook healthier.

I think it’s a great plan…I never liked the idea that Weight Watchers would “allow” someone to eat unhealthy foods as long as you stayed in your points. People are going to do what they want to do to lose weight…you can lead a horse to water…..blah blah blah….

I’m pretty impressed they they are now saying…eat better, make better choices and you will make the changes that you need to in order to keep the weight off….it’s not like a diet, it’s a way of living a better life. Good job Weight Watchers!

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