Chicken n salad. We went 2 an all u can eat place



Eggs…I should have ate this with oatmeal around 9:30 but I was stuck in a training…just eggs right now though


I had this after my workout! And just a small "taste" of it b4 my workout so that I was not working out on an empty stomach.


I have a lunch date with the people in my training class and I was not sure how to handle that. I talked to Tony about it and he told me to eat some salad and look for fish or chicken and take off any sauces that may be added to the meat. Everyone decided to go to an all you can eat place so I was not to happy about that. I can say that today I passed on Chipotle (my weakness), popcorn, candy and brownies. All temptations at work today. I’m proud of myself. I have to get some sleep so I will end this here and I will let you know how tomorrow turns out. Wish me luck!

hi everyone

I know that I have not been on here is quite some time and there are a few reasons for that. The first is that I have been busy..really busy! I changed my position at work and I am in the middle of training right noe. I took some classes this semester (3 to be exact) and I am working my butt off at the gym. I no longer go to weight watchers but I am working with an online trainer and things so far are going great.

I hope that ya’ll are doing great and I now have a really cute laptop so I hope that I can update more. I also have to get more creative with my foods so I hope to have some great stuff to share with everyone.

Let me know what you have been up to so far this year….I would like to hear about it.


4oz tuna n 1 cup green beans


Snack. 2oz deli turkey n 1 cup green beans