We won fruit n veggies @ work. I also had a shake @ 3 but 4got 2 take the picture



Breakfast. Chicken and sweet potato fries


Taking this and heading 2 the gym

devil’s chicken

This is real simple….I had chicken already made and just added a little bbq sauce from Famous Dave’s “Devil’s Spit” and added spinach on the side.

Salsa Chicken

I stole this one from here

Its really good and easy!

Really easy and quick:Cut up chicken into little cubesCook on stove for a little while with water to keep from sticking and add some basil, oregano, pepper, and parsley (which ever you choose)Cut up some green peppers or onions and add them in Once the chicken is almost done and veg. are a little soft add the salsa and finish cooking just mixing the salsa in with the chickenNo need for oil or butter and tastes very good!!