end of the week update

I had a bad start to the week but everything is ok now. I worked out all 6 days and I added cardio and that is something that I have neglected to do since working with my trainer. I have been working with Tony from Dreambodies since February. I have to admit that I could have been better on plan from the start but I can only move forward. I am making lifestyle changes and this is a hard thing for me. At my highest weight I was 189lbs and my current weight is 171lbs. I am almost 20lbs down.

I have set goals for myself and I have been working my butt of (really). When I talked to Tony last week he asked me to make sure that I got extra cardio in and drink my ACV and water. I did this the best that I could this week and I made good choices. I passed up the junk that they gave out at work….they always try to pass of something bad to us and I have been really good with turning the junk food at work down.

One of the other things that I have a problem with is going out to eat lunch and I did not do that this week at all. I also did all the workouts that Tony sent to me and I added extra cardio 4 times this week.

At work people are taking notice that I have been working hard and that I am losing weight. It shows in my attitude also. I’m happy and I walk different, with confidence and I feel great. I have a lot to learn on this journey but I am here for the long run. Tomorrow is my day to relax and not go to the gym and I plan on sleeping in (that would be until 8am for me) and making my foods for this week. I will have more pictures to post and more items to post on the other blog.

I’m sorry that the pictures have not been updated on this blog. I have been taking pictures of what I eat but I am having trouble with them updating to the blog…I’m not sure if the problem is with my cell or blogger but I hope to have it resolved and more pictures posted this week.


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