Brownie….choc protein with peanut butter and place in microwave…yum!



Spinach, fish and salsa

2nd meal of the day


Breakfast. Eggs with jalapenos.


My foods for the next few weeks will be boring. Sorry. I will not post many pictures just because it will be pretty basic.

We tried to put together a treadmill last night but that did not go as planned. We have to call nortictrack today about a concern we came across. Hopefully it is nothing and I will be running tonight.

I am going to take a look at some ab workouts…need to get that looking right. I have about a month left until “the day” and I am super excited!

I told my hubby that Tony wants me to eat super clean and really workout hard over the next weeks as a test to my willpower. I know that he will back me over the next few weeks so that I can “prove” myself to Tony. I can’t tell him that I need to work my butt off to be ready for those pictures…that would mess up the surprise 😉

One of his buddies came by last night and saw up putting together the treadmill and made a comment about wanting to stop by in a month and he will see dust on it…he just does not know…I’m a “Dreambodies Girl” and there will be no dust on that thing! Hubby made me happy though. He asked me if there was a way to check the total use (mileage) on there so that he can prove to his friend that there is use on there in a month. See, he has faith in me 😉 He should though I have made a lot of changes in the way I do things this year. It was slow at first but I am learning!

On Tuesday morning he shouted from the bedroom…”have you been to the gym yet?” It made me smile. That would not have been a question he would have asked me a year ago….nope…not even 6 months ago. Its normal now though. At work they don’t ask me if I want to order out or ask me for treats. They know the answer already. They may tease me but its all good….I got goals!

I wish I could stay here and chat but I have a cooler to pack. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get that treadmill up and working tonight so I can get a 30 run in before bed. (did I just say that…lol). See, I am a new person…not not new….BETTER!

east coast has not seen summer yet WTF?

The northeast is still waiting for summer 2 arrive…what's up with this already?

Shopping with hubby

Tool store and this aisle is giving me a headache