lets talk "food"

I decided to make a post instead of making a long reply 😉 This is in response to http://dreambodiesdivatina.blogspot.com/2009/07/lets-talk-about-food.html

I LOVE food! I really do. Tina and I have some things in common…let me explain. We were not “poor” and not “rich” we were military brats 😉 There were 4 kids in the house….I was the oldest and the number one rule was when we went shopping once every few weeks…if you wanted something from the store you would have to eat it before the other kids got to it. I could eat lots and then go days without really eating anything. I walked a lot….so I guess that helped.

I could eat everything in sight and not gain a pound. I was 97lbs for a very long time. When I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter I was only 118lbs (yes pregnant). I only gained about 20lbs with her…it was all baby…lol! I stayed small until I meet hubby and got a desk job.

I never knew how to cook…really! Growing up we had food in a box or cereal all day or pizza or leftovers. We had really bad habits. When I was old enough to have a job I use to take my best friend out all the time and we would eat out at different places. Mom was one of the worst cooks ever. She has only gotten worse over the years. Mom always had salt at the table…she was REALLY bad with it too. We always had soda with dinner. Chicken was fried with bones and skin. Pork chops were fried. Snacks would be a plate loaded with french fries. (no wonder she has health problems). We never had veggies (NEVER). Mom will NOT eat veggies!

My dad would eat liver, onions, corn, asparagus, green beans, peas, broccoli and more. He would let us try it (like it was a treat) and I love all these things today and it has to be because made it seem like it was bad but they were really good.

My downfall in the weight is from a few different things. My first is that I LOVE variety in my meals and colors! I have to have one of everything. When hubby makes dinner we may have grilled chicken, green beans, rice, corn (I love corn), mashed potatoes, and chicken pasta noodles. That is for one meal. I load up the plate and go back for more. He does not cook unhealthy most of the time..I just eat way to much. I have never thought about it but maybe I eat everything the same day so that I don’t have to put it away…lol!

I also eat out because I’m lazy..I don’t want to have to think about what to have that day and then putting it all together is a pain. I try to be creative with my meals. I have to be because I like variety..I get bored with chicken and broccoli but its hard for me to think of anything else because growing up we only ate a few basic things. I spend a lot of time looking for different ways to enjoy what I am eating. I love spicy foods! I add jalapenos to everything 😉

My daughter use to joke and tell hubby that if he was to ever leave me that she would only be able to eat fast food because I don’t know how to cook. The sad part is she is right. I’m learning though. It’s a process like learning how to workout or eat right or how to put both together to lose weight or change your body.

I do work most holidays now and my family is not close so when things like July 4th come around its not to hard for me. We will cook out on the grill but grilled chicken and veggies are not bad…we may have mashed potatoes or rice but I keep that in control. I have never been much of a “sweets” type of person…I don’t care for donuts. I love cheese but hubby hates it so as long as I don’t buy it then its not in the house. He really hates cheese he will not have it on anything ever except pizza 😉

My main problem is portion control. I know what I should have I just don’t do it. If I’m cooking or making my cooler for work I am fine but if hubby cooks I just eat….it’s so good! He can really cook. The other bad thing is that nobody will eat what I do. Hubby hates onions, peppers, spices, garlic, veggies, salad….just forget about it!

So anyways, I think I’m all over the place again with the post. I will just stop here…lol


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