What is the one thing that helps you get closer to you goals…I don’t mean going to the gym to do a regular workout or not eating the junk food…there has to be something else…is it motivation? Is it a dream? Is it all the “haters” that tell you that there is no way you can reach that goal. Is it extra steps you take everyday or a light walk around your block? What is getting you closer to that goal?

I don’t know what is getting me closer..maybe all the above…it changes from day to day. I feel kinda numb today…like I’m just going through the motions. I feel like I had a good workout while I was at the gym but this week just feels like I’m moving on a wheel and going around in circles but not really getting anywhere. Its a frustrating feeling and I wish I could just snap out of it!

I’m upset because I have a crack in by blackberry screen. Yikes! You would think I would know better working tech support for a cell phone company…but NOOOOOOOOOO! I could go through insurance but I guess I will just stick with it for a while. I love my Blackberry PIN number and do not want to have it changed. It’s sooooo easy 😉 Hey, speaking on PIN numbers…if you have a blackberry and wanna kick my butt in gear sometimes when I am feeling down (like now…haha) message me on my PIN 3030044f. When I add you just tell me you got my PIN off my blog 😉

Well, I have to go make my cooler and get ready for a long shift of fixing other peoples phones all day long! Hope you have a great weekend. Have some fun for me because I will be stuck indoors all weekend working ;(


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