getting ready

Today is my day off from the gym. I miss it on Sundays…I really want to be there. I’m not sure why but on Tuesdays I have a hard tome getting into it…maybe because its my day off from work and all I want to do is be lazy. I won’t let that happen though. Tuesday Tony has me doing an extra hour of cardio. I am really starting to love the gym. I use to hate it! I hated cardio….it’s still not my favorite thing but its starting to get there because the combo of cardio and weights is really making a difference.

I was sitting on hubby’s lap yesterday and he touched my side and I think he was shocked by the way my body felt. It’s a bit of mixed emotions there. I love that he noticed a difference…I really do love it. It confirms all my hard work…it’s sad that I let myself get to the point I was….

I don’t have to worry about it now because the was never the “real” me and never will be. I have found a new love for myself and my body. I did not think that this journey would be a “mind” journey but it is…it really is. I come to this blog to share what’s going on…sometimes my mind is playing tricks with me. I have a good body moment and then a bad one. within moments I know Sarabeth shared a good post about this subject but I just kinda skimmed over it. I need to go back and read it and do it. I will this week when I am off. I promise. I guess I share the bad ones most because I feel like I don’t want to share that with people who know me..only the rest of the world. haha.

Yesterday was a nice day. I am noticing that I have changed a lot this year. I had some challenges that I kept hidden and I was able to work through that. I feel so much better…I feel healthy and my mental state of mind is better. I know what I want and I am going after it. Do I still have bumps along the way…yes, but that’s what its all about. As they say….”If this was easy, everyone would do it” I know that I am just getting started and even with the bumps I look forward to what Tony and I can accomplish with this body.

I’m going to end this here..I have to get ready for work and spend the day getting my plan together for food and workouts this week. Have a great day!


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