so close

I am so close to the 140’s that I can almost feel it. I am really loving the changes that I am seeing and feeling. It’s great. I was so confidant that I will be in the 140’s next week that I wanted to cheat yesterday but I sent a text to Tony and told him that I needed him to tell me to be good…he did and reminded me that I am almost in the 140’s and to stay on track. He then called me shortly after that to see how I was doing and he somehow managed to talk me out of cheating and into 2 hours of cardio….lol! Really, me…I hate cardio! Guess what – I did it…no cheat and 2 hours of cardio….how did he manage to talk me into that one…lol.

I have another day of 2 hours of cardio on my new treadmill. I also want to make sure that I do some extra ab workouts. Less than a month to go…

I am still waiting for the shop to call me to tell me to come pick up my Jeep. I hate being stuck in the house like this 😦 I need to go to the gym. I am determined to lose the weight to get into the 140’s next would just be nice if I was able to get to the gym and do my DB workouts. I will make it all work somehow.

I am going to read a few blogs and then get on the treadmill for 60 min. Have a wonderful day!


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