snap out of it!

So, this week has been a rough one for me and others I follow. I have a lot that I have kept bottled up inside and I let it all out yesterday. I snapped on hubby. I threw all my things out of my purse. I cried. I was quiet. I cried some more. I stopped. I sucked it up and said that I needed to get over it!

I won’t go into major details about what’s going on but I will say that it goes back to the start of the year and has to do with home, work and car stuff…..I just lost control yesterday. I started to second guess why I am even doing the things that I am….those thoughts did not last long though.

I was up last night and Tony posted an update on his facebook and it hit home. I made a comment and he text me last night and said to “not stress over things out of my control.” He’s right….I was really good until yesterday about everything also. I think I needed to have a good cry…I needed to let it all out….I feel the weight starting to lift a little. Tony said not to stress. I won’t!

I am getting ready to make my cooler for the day and get ready for work. Maybe I will hop on the treadmill for a little before work. This is the start of my work week….let’s make it a good one and not stress over what is out of my control……that’s simple right?


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