I think I will stay

I use to have a blog years ago that I would update all the time. The reason for that blog was different from this one…I still have it but never use it anymore. I have started other blogs but have always removed them for one reason or another. I think I will keep this one though.

So, on a different note. I have had a pretty good work week…its only half over though. 2 more days to go 😉

My weigh-in for Tony is tomorrow and I am not sure how that is going to show on the scale. I do know that I have to start a new bag of clothes for give away (see the picture below). I really have to go shopping for more clothes. I am guess I will do that next month.

I also need to really start making more “new” foods to share on my other blog. I have the “Clean Eating and Oxygen” magazine so I hope there will be some ideas in there also. I guess I am trying to keep things simple right now so that I am ready for THE “big day”.

I am hoping that today will be a slow day at work and I will have time to set-up my workouts and plan my days out for this week. I have about 3 weeks left to get in the best shape that I can. I feel confident though that it will all turn out great.

After the pictures I want to really work on getting the remainder of the weight off so that in 2010 I can really concentrate on a bikini or figure competition.

Does anyone have any tips for success?


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