This is the end of my week. After today I will be off work until Friday! I love Mondays 🙂

I went shopping this morning but did not buy anything. I have to figure out what I am going to wear for my pictures. I am sure that I have things here that I can wear…maybe I really don’t need to go shopping for anything. I will look through my things this week when I am off work to see what I have.

I had me weigh-in this morning and it was not good. It may be due to stress..I don’t know. All I can do is push on and keep moving towards my goal. It’s a new week now.

I want to leave you with a conversation that hubby and I had a few years back. I saw it on my other blog and laughed when I read it…he’s such a dummy….haha

He was making dinner and I asked him what he was going to eat. He told me and I said “I guess it does not matter because all I can have is chicken, brown rice and broccoli.” His comment to me was “why don’t you open a can of tuna, add the tuna juice on the chicken and have “chicken of the sea”.

Talk about love….I guess he was trying to be creative.


So, to those of you who have to start your work week today I hope its a good one!


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