Ok, What is up with the munchies today? If I smoked pot I would swear that is where the whole munchies this was coming from..but never been there or one that before. (I swear) I’m telling the truth..not like Bill Clinton.

Anyways, I really do want to eat everything in sight. This is crazy! Maybe I should just go to sleep that way I won’t have to worry about all of this. I guess it’s just getting to be “that time” and that why I could eat anything not nailed down.
So, how is your day going? I hope well. Tomorrow is Friday and that’s a good thing for those who work Monday – Friday. For me Friday means that start of my week. Thank goodness that I only work a 4 day week.
Even with all the munchies today I feel thinner and that is always a good feeling. I have a lot of energy also. The start of this week was a slow one but I’m getting better.
I also know that I have not posted any pictures for the last 2 days but trust me…there was nothing to see. I have been lazy and the look has been simple and comfy. I still have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow but its a dress down day at work so I’m sure it will be comfortable with sneakers 😉
I will go for a walk outside tomorrow at my lunch time if it is not raining. Today we mowed the lawn in the pouring down rain. It had to be done. Everyone was out cutting grass today trying to beat the rain. It was a good semi-workout.
My plans for the weekend will be working…what are your plans?

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