I know that I have been posting a lot on this blog….most of the post are short though 😉

I noticed that when I went back to the start of this blog I was able to understand why I was not able to lose weight. I really need to post all the foods I eat no matter how boring I think they are. This blog is here to help me. I also noticed that I wear my hair up to much…lol…I also wear dark colors to much. I will try to add color today!

See, it’s just the simple things that are helping me. As you can also tell I have added my youtube video’s on here. I would just like everything in one place. It’s easier that way for me.

I have about 2 weeks left and I would love for my stomach to be 34 inches or less. Leep your fingers crossed for me. That is the main reason for kicking up the cardio…I need to lose the fat that is just sitting there. Ok, I have been wasting to much time this morning. I need to get ready for work.


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