More personal…..

As I have stated in the past…I never really had a problem with my weight until a few years ago. I was 118lbs when I was 9 months pregnant. I was always a small person until the last few years. I want to share some pictures from the last few years…they go back about 3 years. Most of the pictures are from a year ago or less…I will try to put them into order from oldest pictures to newest. I don’t have many pictures. When I was bigger I hated to have my picture taken. Trust me though, I’m grateful for the ones that were taken so I can really look back and see where I came from. I’m one sexy thang if I can say so myself…lol!
This picture was taken about 3 summers ago…..
The next few pictures were around the same time..about a year and a half ago….
I am not sure how the below pictures were taken..someone must have told me they wanted pictures of the dog but these pictures really make me want to cry…how sad 😦
This is when I decided to make the biggest change in my life and get Tony to help me. This is the day..the day that my niece was born. Feb. 6, 2008.
Summer of “09”
Me and my daughter….
More recent pictures 🙂
In the last picture I am about 145lbs. I still want to lost about 30lbs…I will get there. I just wanted to share some older pictures. I will share my progress pictures that I have sent to Tony but not yet. My highest weight was 189lbs that I know of. I am 5’2 and as you can see I do not carry weight well. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email me Let’s do this together! Also if you have a Blackberry feel free to PIN me anytime: 30BE6E3F

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