a few random thoughts

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday with hubby and we saw candy apples. I am  not sure why I get these every year. I never eat them though…they are pretty though. It’s a sign of fall to me and I love the idea of them but I never eat them. I passed on them yesterday because this is the first time I realized that I only buy them for the idea of it.

I guess I am silly like that…but look at the picture..pretty hu? 😉

I was never a person who loved that fall but as I have gotten older I love it. The reasons I love fall is because it is a sign that the kids are back in school. The year is almost over so I will be starting my vacation time over in January. Who does not love fall and winter for the comfort foods and this is also the start of my favorite sport FOOTBALL!

So, with age you start to love the fall season. Well, at least I do. Don’t ask me how much I love the fall when I am raking up all the leaves in the yard…just kidding….I actually like doing that also. I guess I’m just crazy…haha


Thinking about my post from lat week about football comfort foods we decided to make pot roast from lunch today. Our crockpot cooks so dang fast…really! Anyways, I got the new Clean Eating magazing last night when we were shopping and there is a recipie in there for chicken pot pie…I think we will have that on Sunday in the next week or two so I will have to let you know how that is.

Our football game is an afternoon game so I will be watching the game and reading blogs this afternoon. I love Sundays! What will you be doing today? If you watch football who is your team? I love the 49ers but because I live in Maryland I have to be a fan of the home team also right?

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