Back to work

I have been off work for the last month. I go back on Tuesday. This past month I have not lost any weight. I spent a lot of time at home but now it back to the norm…or what’s normal for me…haha!

I am also working on a few other ideas on the side so things will be busy like always but busy in a different way. I have to get my plan together for my foods this week so I will not have to worry about falling off my plan. I also plan on keeping track of everything so I can see what’s going on with workouts and food so that by the start of the new year I will not have to worry about weightloss anymore…just on getting better 🙂

I went to my doctors on Thursday last week and he wrote me a note to take to work to make sure that they understand that I drink a lot of water (many bathroom breaks) and I need to eat every 2.5 –  hours. My company has been acting funny and I don’t want to lose my job because I am working on a healthy lifestyle. I will not let them stop me. They even say something when I try to eat an apple but cake or ice cream they hand out is ok to eat…that’s what really gets to me.

Anyhoo, It’s Sunday….FOOTBALL!!! Have a great day!


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