I have been thinking about this past year a lot and I wanted to know what pushed you into making a change in your eating and workout habits? I gained weight over the last few years and I have lost a few pounds but gained more than I lost. I know that most people say they just got tired of being sick and tired. I guess I can say that also. There were many things that got me started I think but what keeps you going?

How do you make fitness and nutrition fit into your life? Do you have a family? Do they eat and workout like you do? Are you alone when it comes to eating with the family? I am.

It has been said that if others see the changes in you that they will follow. I can say that is true to an extent. My husband will not eat what I do….he won’t even try to eat what I eat. Trust me, I have tried! However, I can tell you that he has not gained a pound this year. He has cut down on candy and soda intake and because he knows how hard I have been working this year he does not bring in as much junk into the house. He also will keep me in line when he thinks that I am starting to slip. I have shared my goals with him and I know that he at first he may have thought I was crazy but he is behind me all the way.

Some of the things that keep me going on with what I have started is knowing that I have told many people about my goals and I don’t want to look like a fool if I don’t follow through with it.

I want to compete in a figure competition next year. I am working on getting ISSA certified to become a personal trainer. I want to leave my current job next year to work on something else that I love.

I guess we can say that I decided to really make changes when I got sick and tired of being tired. What keeps me motivated is my goals, sharing those goals and knowing that I make my family proud. One other things that keeps me motivated is when someone mentions how great I am looking or what a good job I have done with my weight. It makes those days filled with chicken, tuna, fish, eggs, broccoli, protein powder and oatmeal all worth my efforts.

So, what got you started and what keeps you going? What are your goals? Feel free to answer here or make a post out of it. If you post on your blog let me know so I can read it. I look forward to hearing from you.


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