What are you so happy about ;)

I have lots to be happy about. There are a lot of things going on right now in my life. The good thing is that I have the structure back into my life….work, working out, home life….everything is good right now. I also have the chance to work with Tony on a new program that he is going to roll out next year. It’s pretty exciting.

I am going to be back at the gym hitting hard this week so I’m excited about that. Being back at the gym feels so good to me. I would have never guessed that I would have missed it as much as I did. A year ago I was a completely different person. There are many great people on here on the internet that make me feel normal and not crazy for having the goals that I do have. I just want to take the time now to say Thanks for allowing me into a small part of your life to share a common passion.

Keep up the great work everyone!


Learning a Thing or Two

Getting back to my workouts and eating right again I noticed that my calories are way under what they should be so I am using Fitday to try to get me back on track. I’m glad I took pictures of my food over the last few days so that I could see where I was going wrong.

Workouts this week have been good. Nothing to heavy..just trying to get my body use to moving again. I am working on making changes to my diet and adding in new things and trying different things. This should be fun.

I have lots to do tonight before my work week starts tomorrow. I hope to have a better check on my foods this week. Sorry in advance for all the pictures that will be thrown on here…I have to do it for me 😉

I hope those of you that are off on the weekends have a great one off.


Another shake


Dinner. Lunch meat. Lettuce n mustard w/apple

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I'm so hungry! 1/2 cup brown rice…1/4 cup black beans and 3 ounces of chicken.



After workout shake