Grocery Shopping

Yesterday was my first trip to the grocery store this year and I thought that it would be awful. I figured that the fruits and veggies would be impossible to find but I was wrong. That was a big surprise to me. As we were walking through the store I noticed was was gone. Lunch meat, flavored oatmeal, special k (everything), frozen dinners, and anything with smaller portions and easy to cook in the microwave. It was a bit of a surprise…I thought that people would really try with real fruits and veggies…but I guess it’s a lack of education and a lack of time.
In reality it does not take me that long to get my cooler together in the mornings. I take along a packet of tuna in my purse all the time for the emergency outings. I also carry almonds and a packet of protein powder. It works for me. I have made a lot of changes and they are not always easy to make….but, look at the alternative…I like things better this way. I feel more in control of everything in my life and its a great feeling.
Anyways, I have been away from the gym now for almost a month…this waiting is killing me. I have to get back soon or I will go nuts 😉

Surgery is set for tomorrow morning to have my gallbladder removed. I’m a little scared but I have faith. Greg and I are going to make a pot roast today. I have never done this before so it should be interesting. Thats the basics on what is going on with me….


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