Surgery Update

Surgery was Thursday and everything went as planned. I am slowly starting to feel better and I hope next week when I see my doctor he will give me the ok to workout again.

I have to be honest all this time away from the gym has messed with my mind. I have been feeling really down about things and I am trying to get a positive outlook back on everything. I guess it was just a bump in them road but I am working on fixing that. I sent Tony an email the night before I went into surgery and kinda had a little break down. It’s hard to stay positive with all the negative things going on but that’s why I wanted to talk to Tony about it because I know that he will put me back on the right path. I just feel bad because I have been stuck in the 140s since September and some of that was because I wanted to take time to enjoy my progress and was ok with staying the same but when I was ready to keep moving on I was still in the 140s and now I am playing this waiting game with my health. On a positive note I can say that I am taking care of my health issues and staying the same weight through all of this and with the holidays passing so I can say that I am proud of that.

My question to you is….what do you do to stay positive during hard times?


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