I need your help

A girlfriend of mine called me today and wants to meet up so that we can talk and catch up. My problem is that whenever I meet with friends its over lunch or dinner. I really want to find other options but things that will not take too much time to do because time is very important and we are lucky to get together when we do.

I have thought about taking a class at my gym together but she is not interested….what are some other options? Thanks for helping me out.



  1. hmmmmm the non-time consuming part is hard for me to think of options. when my friend/friends and i get together some of the things that we do that are not eating/drinking are:-playing bingo or going to a sporting event (those are both time consuming but you can plan them in advance)-manicure or pedicure (really easy to talk during these-walking at the beach (i live close to the ocean)-bowling (doesn't take that long to play a frame)-walking the mall, not really shopping just browsinghope that helps 🙂

  2. I like the walking in the mall idea or just going for a walk.How about a massage together? Make sure the spa has a hot tub so you can visit longer.

  3. Is there a free park near with a hiking trail? You can go walking or bike riding. If she's just not interested in the physical activity then maybe a tea shop. You can have tea or something light.The manicure idea mentioned in a previous comment is a good one. But that can get expensive so maybe mix it up. Does your friend have any suggestions of what she might want to do other than grabbing lunch or dinner?

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