That is all anyone can talk about around here. I live in Maryland and we are gettng hit HARD! We got over 3 feet of snow this past weekend….another 20 inches today and more snow Monday 😦

I am soooo over it now!


I have been stating in touch with Tony…I gained many pounds this week but I think it was because I “binged” on milk over the weekend. I called him yesterday to tell him that I wanted to pick up some wine coolers or “somethng” like that. I was going to kill my husband yesterday (well, not really) but you get the idea. I decided to take my butt home last night and there was no stopping at the store for alcohol!


I have a new goal I want to meet so I will be working towards that. It’s just a mini goal with a timeline to get me to my bigger goals. My daughter will be back home once school is out and I want to go shopping with her and be at my goal weight at that time. I can do it…I see the treadmill in my future…lol

I am going to update my other blogs today also because there is really nothing else to do 🙂

BTW ~ Thanks for the ideas on my last post. I will use them in the future…we did not meet up as planned due to the snow. I have decided that I will make it work one way or the other and plan things in advance…it’s the only way to make things work!


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  1. "I love winter, the white snow, but the cold weather makes me sick. My body never ever love the cold weather. I gain pounds too because there's nothing I am doing right now but eating. Though I have a regular gym session, and I am taking the best muscle building supplement, I still gain extra weight every winter."

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