Quick snack.


Food update

I had shake after workout and now breakfast. My day starts early and ends late. My meal pictured here is fish brown rice with diced jalapeno and hot sauce and broccoli.

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Happy Monday!!!

It’s the start of my workout week and it was a good one! I even had time to sit it the sauna. I love the sauna because it’s quiet and its really the only time I have in my day to relax and not think about anything but me! I have not had time to sit in the sauna since September. It was a nice change.
It’s bring a friend to the gym day on Thursday. I’m going to see if anyone wants to go with me…most of the people I know talk about wanting to go to the gym but never follow through…we shall see what happens.
Tomorrow is leg day and I am ready to kill my workouts this week. I was thinking about what my next step is going to be and I want to get pictures done in June or July so I need to be on point for that. The last pictures came out really good (better than I expected) and I am really looking forward to doing some more soon. I guess the treadmill really will be my best friend 🙂
So, tell me….how has your monday started?