Bsn cinnamon roll pancake

After this I will start to dig myself out of all this snow so I can go into work tomorrow. I'm really not hungry though. I don't even want to eat this.

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My jeep was clean this morning. That's abt 6 foot behind the jeep 😦


That is all anyone can talk about around here. I live in Maryland and we are gettng hit HARD! We got over 3 feet of snow this past weekend….another 20 inches today and more snow Monday 😦

I am soooo over it now!


I have been stating in touch with Tony…I gained many pounds this week but I think it was because I “binged” on milk over the weekend. I called him yesterday to tell him that I wanted to pick up some wine coolers or “somethng” like that. I was going to kill my husband yesterday (well, not really) but you get the idea. I decided to take my butt home last night and there was no stopping at the store for alcohol!


I have a new goal I want to meet so I will be working towards that. It’s just a mini goal with a timeline to get me to my bigger goals. My daughter will be back home once school is out and I want to go shopping with her and be at my goal weight at that time. I can do it…I see the treadmill in my future…lol

I am going to update my other blogs today also because there is really nothing else to do 🙂

BTW ~ Thanks for the ideas on my last post. I will use them in the future…we did not meet up as planned due to the snow. I have decided that I will make it work one way or the other and plan things in advance…it’s the only way to make things work!

I need your help

A girlfriend of mine called me today and wants to meet up so that we can talk and catch up. My problem is that whenever I meet with friends its over lunch or dinner. I really want to find other options but things that will not take too much time to do because time is very important and we are lucky to get together when we do.

I have thought about taking a class at my gym together but she is not interested….what are some other options? Thanks for helping me out.