Loving the Outdoors!!!

This is the time of year to take the workouts outside. After the crazy winter we have had here in Maryland this is now the perfect time to take those boring gym workouts outside for a little change of pace. I love to walk but I feel like I never have the time to fit it into my day. I think being outdoors is important for me because it gives me a chance to be free from the house, gym, car, and work. I stare at walls all day long and being outside make me feel a free. Kind of like I want to lay in the grass and look up at the sky. I need to feel like nothing bad can happen….feel like I did when I was a child living on base with all the military kids I grew up with. We use to have so much fun in the spring and summer.

When I was growing up we would play double dutch, kick ball, tag, runny man, baseball, walk in the woods and around the neighborhood, we would race, listen to music and dance and more. Those were the good days. I don’t see kids doing that anymore and it’s sad. They have no idea the good things they are missing out on. I miss chasing the ice cream man down the street. We were all health and active….maybe we should all act like children this year….no gym time…let’s all get together for a game of tag.

Let me know who’s up for this?



  1. The world is a scarier place. It's not as safe for kids to play outside even if they wanted to. But either way it is sad.

  2. It was nice to get back out and walk the neighborhood with Kellie this week. Lots of hills + extra weight, good exercise.

  3. almst crzy ~ It's not that unsafe for the kids to be out….obesity is a lot worse than what "might" happen. The internet is unsafe…going outside to play kickball is not…just my opinion…on another note, I'm glad the workouts are going well.

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