let’s laugh about non-funny situations

Ok, there have been some tough times this past week. In less than a weeks time here are the non-funny…funnies!

So the saying is to always look on the bright side of things…well, lets find the funny.

1) A good friend of mine for about 13 years was arrested for robbery, kidnapping at gun point and fleeing from the police. I saw the news video on youtube…very sad…she was crying and just falling apart over what her life has become. I really wish I could help her. She is facing federal charges.

The funny: How stupid must you be to rob a police officers home and try to steal his car. This woman is a fench teacher at a catholic school….can you just hear what those students and parents are saying now.

2) The other situation have to do with my children and they are off limits…sorry!

As you can see there is alot going on with non-family stuff and even more going on at home. Work is also a big a$$ thorn in my side. I think they will be walking me and my stuff out the door with a white box. I have a lot of my mind right now. Sorry to bring ya’ll down with my drama…but, we all have some right?




  2. Melissa ~ I'm trying 😉

  3. Dawn, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I cannot believe a catholic school teacher would find herself in such a situation. She must have been very desperate to commit such an act.When things are tough, I find a long walk helps me think and clear my head. Hang in there okay.

  4. Paula ~ I think I will take the time to walk today. It's suppose to be a nice day.

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