killer shoulder

So, my workout was not as great as I would have liked it to be. My shoulder has been in pain for about a week now. I am not sure if I should see a doctor or wait it out for another week. It’s feeling better but still hurts too much to get a good workout in. Maybe I will just stick with cardio. I hate cardio but its one of those necessary evils.

I stopped by a physical therapy place today and if it still hurts next Monday I will see a doctor I swear. I won’t let the problem with my shoulder hold me back in progress. I can still eat right and complete good cardio routines without causing any more strain on my shoulder. It’s all about having a positive outlook and keeping my goals in sight even when there is bump in the road.

I guess I will stick with cardio workouts for the next two weeks. What type of cardio workouts do you like to do?


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