A Good Student

Over the last year I have made a lot of positive changes in my life. No more drinking, no yelling, no fighting, no more eating out for breakfast and lunch everyday, no more non-used gym memberships.

I workout 6 days a week. I cook my food now (never use to do that). I am finding ways around all the excuses I use to make for not being about to workout or eat right. When I started on this journey I thought I would have to go all in and know everything and be “perfect” but that is not the case. There is no need for perfection…not in my world…it will drive me crazy and I will never get anything done.

My approach may be different from yours. I use to think that I had to pick the perfect brand of yogurt or the perfect spinach, chicken, veggies or whatever. All I really needed to do was take small steps. When I first started I was still drinking alcohol not eating breakfast and not working out. I started out with what to me what major changes. I started to go to the gym everyday, I would make sure to have breakfast and would eat 5-7 times a day (I have long days). I would also read everything I could get a hold of.

I’m still learning…that will never change. I find ways to improve my eating or workouts all the time…I just start to add that onto what I already know and it’s working for me.

I use to sit in weight watchers meetings and it felt like it was a huge clique and I just did not fit in. There was a group of girls who had lost about 100lbs and had another 100 to go and were losing 5-6lbs a week…every week. When they would lose 2.5lbs they were upset. I have always lost a healthy amount of 1-2lbs…sometime .5 but a loss is a loss and I don’t stress over the scale like I use to. Things have changed. I have different goals now and the scale weight is still a goal but it does not rule me anymore. 

I do everything I can every week. If it’s not enough I move on into the next week. Take my lessons…learn from them and keep moving on.

Class Dismissed…..


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